• Selling Your Infomercial To Your Audience

    At Rocket Response TV, we shoot each omni-channel infomercial with the end consumer's attention span in mind; we film each shot and sequence with close attention to detail and include only the most valuable information, as well as incentives such as free premiums, upsells, and cross sells. We offer long form and short form videos, producing 60 seconds, 3 min., 4 min., 7.5 min., 15 minute and 30 minute shows. Additionally, we offer narrative, sizzle reels and digital graphics. In today's digital age, we format infomercials for the emerging social media search market, because today, the DRTV buyer can be anyone on any device and digital platform.  

    In order to create an eye-catching first impression, our producers pin together a storyboard that represents the right visual concepts, talent, script, and calls-to-action to drive product success while educating, entertaining and providing the ultimate value proposition for your target  audience. Rocket Response TV is affiliated with NJTV Studios, offering 12,000 square feet of creative space to bring your product to life.

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    located in the Direct Response TV Capital- FairField, NJ